This is the Skin Store, You take these away and use them however you like, stay Updated every week, because we will keep adding one ones! Note: If you are going to use them as your player, make sure their and .png file and only .png, otherwise the template will not be valid to mine craft.




Minecraft Default Skin with Orange t shirt.


Here are some Wacky things to spice your player in skin edit, from medieval armour to High tec gadgets!


2 Responses to Store

  1. MilloCz says:

    Ok, this web is not bad, but:
    1) Don’t do compression on your main image
    2) Use more shading!
    3) Red backround ? No textures ?
    4) You should just post topic on it should be better.
    5) Addons to player skin are stolen. From SkinEdit.

    But i still like cowboy skin 🙂 looks like from ToyStory

  2. Snapple_apple says:


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